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Breakthrough growth in the flow of work

Grounded in behavioral science, our coaching offerings deliver breakthrough growth in the flow of work. We approach coaching as more than a bucket of sessions---it's a designed experience that includes manager syncs, tools to spark insights, and coach collaboration between sessions.

  • Why Coaching

    Increase self-awareness
    Having a coach outside the reporting structure creates a safe space for leaders to be vulnerable, process feedback, and gain self-awareness.
    Translate to action
    A coach can help a leader translate knowledge into action, providing encouragement and accountability to try new approaches and iterate.
    Achieve results
    Done right, coaching is a high ROI investment, enabling leaders to be more productive and empower their teams to achieve more while also increasing retention.
  • How We’re Different

    Focus on Impact
    More time or more money does not always lead to more results. We look for ways to design coaching experiences to achieve impact quicker, yielding higher value per hour and per dollar invested.
    Maximize between-session growth
    Our coaching is more than a series of sessions. We facilitate growth between sessions through tools, reflections, and experiments. And we build accountability for taking action in days or weeks, not months.
    Go beneath the surface
    Changing a behavior isn’t enough. We identify and work to shift the mindsets that limit growth, and we build on leaders’ character strengths to improve their agility and adaptability.
    Develop in context
    We engage the participant’s manager, HRBP, or other stakeholders to ensure that the leader’s growth occurs in context to their role and with the support of their team.
  • Targeted Growth Areas

    Based on manager input, 360s, and individual interest, each leader selects a primary growth area to focus on. Coaches further adapt to address supplemental development areas that emerge as priorities.

    • Expanding influence
    • Building a high-performing team
    • Leadership presence and credibility
    • Coaching and developing others
    • Strengthening interpersonal communication
    • Priority and energy management
    • Leading through change
    • Setting vision and strategy

What people are saying

  • “Slate Growth was a huge influence and game changer for me. I’ve been able to give more room in meetings for the group to use their intelligence to architect, design, and solve problems... unleashing the team’s intelligence by getting out of their way.”

    Director of Product

    Slate Growth participant

  • “In the last two days, I was dealt the most difficult set of people challenges I've ever had to deal with in my career...Even though I wasn't directly solving the types of problems we discussed in our sessions, I had built up so much confidence in my ability that I can do the right thing that I handled all three with a level of confidence and professionalism that I never thought I possessed!”

    Head of Growth

    Slate Growth participant

  • “I saw a change in my team member's behaviors very quickly within a few weeks... I was hearing my team member describe what her insights were things that are not so easy to see in yourself.”

    SVP of Operations

    Manager of participant

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Integrating coaching into your talent development strategy is easier than you think. Explore several options for scalable leadership coaching at less than $5K per participant.

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