About us

We're a team of product design, organizational development, and coaching thought leaders driving innovation.

Our story

I founded Slate to empower leaders to thrive. I was inspired by the challenges and opportunities of the journey - from being promoted into an expanded leadership role to being laid off from a startup. And, while I’ve had amazing mentors, friends, and family alongside me, I have seen the unique value a coach can provide to spark new insights and help me to move to action. And, even more exciting is how the impact of exceptional coaches can be multiplied through applying technology and human-centered experience design.

Michelle Vitus

Founder & CEO

  • Empower people

    We want to empower people to be the best version of themselves.

  • Challenge the status quo

    We question assumptions, experiment, iterate, and innovate.

  • Be authentic

    We are genuine. We challenge honestly, and we care.

  • Drive toward impact

    We drive toward and measure impact for individuals and their organizations.

  • Infuse fun

    We infuse fun into things that may otherwise feel onerous or stressful.

Coaching Team

We have a passionate and diverse team of coaches who bring not only deep coaching experience at companies like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Airbnb, Gilead, and SoFi, but also rich professional experience. They hold degrees from top universities such as Stanford, Princeton, Columbia, and U.C. Berkeley. And, most importantly, our coaches understand that leadership growth is an inside out process.

Leadership Team

  • Michelle Vitus

    Founder & CEO

    Michelle leads the company on its mission to empower leaders to thrive. Previously, she was Director of Business Development at two startups and, prior to that, a Vice President at Wells Fargo Commercial Banking. She holds a MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business and a B.S.B. in Finance from the University of Minnesota. Most powerful shift through coaching: “Realizing I could ‘shift the burden of thinking’ by asking bigger, open-ended questions to my team.”

  • Eun-Mee Jeong

    VP & GM, Career

    Eun-Mee leads Slate's Career business. She believes in trust-based partnerships and in empowering individuals to navigate their career journeys. Eun-Mee has a decade of experience designing and leading career programs and developing talent pipelines. Previously, she worked for McKinsey & Company and Eastside College Preparatory School. She holds a MBA from Stanford, an MA Education from Stanford, and an AB in Music Theory and Musicology from Princeton. Wisdom from a mentor that has shaped her career trajectory: “Uncertainty is a world of possibilities. Enjoy the adventure of exploring them.”

  • Christy Tonge

    VP of Coaching Innovation

    Christy brings decades of experience in leadership coaching, consulting, and product development, working with clients such as Facebook, eBay, Salesforce, and Amazon. Previously, she was Head of Product Development for the Tom Peters Company and Product Manager for GP Strategies. She holds a M.A. in Organizational Development from Stanford University. Most powerful shift through coaching: “Recognizing that being overstretched comes from a lack of discernment---values clarity and ongoing reflection is key.”

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